Environmental Protection

SCC is in pursuit of harmonious development of economy and environment aiming at developing a world-class technical, production service-focused and advanced green catalyst producer by strictly implementing the national laws, policies and standards of environmental protection, abiding by the social commitment to protecting the environment, adhering to the philosophy of “developing catalysts without pollution” and actively putting into practice its development strategy of “green and low carbon”. Seeking for “zero pollution” in terms of environmental protection, SCC has established its environment management system, has been improving its environmental-protection management mechanism, implementing the environmental-protection responsibilities at all levels, fully promoting the review of clean production and improving the long-term mechanism of clean production. SCC has achieved fruitful results in environmental standard compliance and overall emission reduction, and realized great reduction in total pollutant emission, standard discharge of waste water and gas exhaust, comprehensive utilization of waste residue, and appropriate disposal of hazardous waste by continuously improving its production processes, actively finding new technologies and equipments, fully implementing the emission reduction from the sources, process control and final treatment technology as well as the program of “clear water and blue sky”. SCC has been actively carrying out the major environmental-impact factor identification and risk assessment, taking the worst scenario model as basis to establish and improve the environmental emergency management system, develop the emergency plans and regularly carry out emergency drills, so as to minimize the environmental impact in case of any accident. SCC suffers no significant environmental pollution accident and nuisance to residents this year.