Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction

SCC has always been implementing the basic national policy on resource conservation and the development philosophy of “green and low carbon” under the guide of “scientific development view”.

SCC has made efforts to “develop new energy and save existing, focus on saving”, and it has been adhering to the principle of “highlighting the strategic position of energy conservation based on efficiency”; SCC has been insisting on the principle of “optimizing structure and multi-energy complementation”, and effectively and continuously carrying out energy conservation by strengthening the management, adjusting the structures, innovating the technology, making technological progress and increasing investment; SCC has been adhering to the combination of energy conservation, cost reduction & efficiency improvement, source control & potential exploration, policy inventive & management under the law, and to the combination of the point with comprehensive advancement; SCC has been insisting on the principle of “mutual promotion of energy conservation and development” to achieve the win-win goal of energy conservation and development, and to ensure sustainable and efficient development of the company.