Employee Care

Since the establishment, SINOPEC Catalyst Co., Ltd. (“SCC”) has taken it as an important part to develop a harmonious enterprise. Insisting on the philosophy of “people-oriented”, “never developing at the cost of human lives” and “developing catalyst without pollution to the environment”, SCC emphasizes on the security, environmental protection and occupational health, carries out health and occupational health examination on a regular basis, and has the trade union to organize safety inspections and labor protections to care of the safety and health of the employees through practical actions. With the principle of “the interests of employees, the important issues”, SCC actively carries out the construction of “home” culture, conducts a variety of business training and skill contests to improve the capabilities and quality of employees, organizes all kinds of leisure and sports activities to enrich the cultural life of employees, and implements the assistance, relief and holiday visits for difficult employees to actively solve the problems of employees, gradually promote the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and care of the health of employees. Through the care of employees’ safety, health, development and life, SCC has created a favorable working environment and developed a strong “home” culture in the Company.