The 7th Sinopec International Conference on Catalysis Technology: A Grand Success

17thto 19th October 2018, The 7th Sinopec International Conference onCatalysis Technology was successfully held in Hangzhou, China. The theme ofthis conference was “Innovation shapes Future,Service promotes Value”. More than 140 representatives from 40 overseacompanies and more than 170 domestic representatives attended the conference.

Thisconference was hosted by Sinopec CatalystCo., Ltd., Sinopec Research Institute of Petroleum Processing, Sinopec BeijingResearch Institute of Chemical Industry, Sinopec Dalian (Fushun) ResearchInstitute of Petroleum and Petrochemicals, Sinopec Shanghai Research Instituteof Petrochemical Technology, and ShanghaiResearch Institute of Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. The Vice President of Sinopec Catalyst Co., Ltd., Mr. Chen Zunjiang officiated at the opening ceremonyand gave the welcome speech. Academicians Mr. Li Dadong, Mr. He Mingyuan, Mr. Xie Zaikuand other leading experts delivered the keynotespeeches and participated in the panel discussion with all the meetingattendees. Catalysis experts also gathered for special workshop sessions of petrochemicalcatalysis and refining catalysis. Sinopec’s state-of-the-art technologies,including LTAG, S-MTO, DCC-PLUS, and HA catalysts were highly commended by thedelegates. During this conference, several individual meetings were held totarget specific catalyst demand and negotiate the supply plans, seeking furthercollaboration opportunities.

Duringthis conference, the “Sinopec CatalysisTechnology Solution” was also officially released, which furtherdemonstrated Sinopec’s comprehensive strength in research, engineering and integratedapplication. This program aims at providing value-added and customized productsand services for clients.

Thisinternational conference widely publicized Sinopec catalytic technology andproducts, and thereby greatly enhanced Sinopec’s international influence in thefield of catalysis.


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