The New Technology for Isomerization Gasoline Passed the Review

Recently, the “development of solid superacidC5/C6 isomerization technology and its industrial test”, as one of SINOPEC’s “ten-dragon”Programs for Science and Technology Development jointly-undertaken bySCC, SINOPEC Research Institute of Petroleum Processing, SINOPECZhanjiang Dongxing Petrochemcial Co., Ltd. and SINOPEC LuoyangPetrochemical Engineering Corporation passed the stage review organized bySINOPEC Science & Technology Department in Zhanjiang.

Through more than ten years of technical research,the project team members successfully developed the solid superacidisomerization catalyst with large specific surface area and strong acidityand its application process and technology, which had been granted 10 Chineseinvention patents upon application. In January 2016, the technology wassuccessfully applied in the industrial plant of SINOPEC Zhanjiang DongxingPetrochemcial Co., Ltd., which was the first isomerization plant in Chinaadopting the solid superacid catalyst. After more than one year of operation,the plant has been proven that it runs smoothly and is easy to operate withoutany sulfur loss and corrosion during the operation, and brings significanteconomic benefits. The C5/C6 isomerization technology is of great significanceto improve the quality of gasoline and promote the environmental protection inChina.

The solid superacid C5/C6isomerization technology is an independent technology of SINOPEC, and now hasthe conditions for promotion and application, and will provide reliabletechnical support and guarantee for the next-step production of NationalStandard VI clean gasoline. 

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