Established in 1969 and starting production in 1972, SCC Qilu Division has passed the certification of management systems including GB/T 19001, GB/T 24001, GB/T 28001 and Q/SHS0001.1. It was the largest production base of FCC catalysts, DCC catalysts and additives in Asia.

Qilu Division has 13 sets of key production devices.

Its main products include:

9 series of catalytic cracking catalysts, including: heavy oil catalytic cracking catalyst, catalyst special for MIP-CGP process, catalyst special for DCC process, catalyst special for CPP process, catalyst special for MGG/ARGG process, catalyst special for MIO process, catalyst special for MGD process, catalytic gasoline olefin-reducing catalyst and catalytic gasoline sulfur-reducing catalyst.

8 series of catalytic cracking catalyst additives, including gasoline octane-increasing additives, propylene yield-increasing additives, propylene and isobutylene yield-increasing additives, liquid yield-increasing additives, FCC flue gas sulfur-reducing additives, FCC flue gas NOx-reducing additives, catalytic gasoline olefin-reducing additives, and catalytic gasoline sulfur-reducing additives.

Address: 1 Tiyuchang Road, Zhoucun District, Zibo City, Shandong Province

Postcode: 255336

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