Established in August 2013 by Sinopec Catalyst Co.,Ltd and China Petrochemical Technology Co.,Ltd as a joint venture, Sinopec Catalyst Nanjing Company (hereinafter referred to as “Nanjing Company”) is a member of SINOPEC Catalyst Co., Ltd. As its main production base of adsorbent and coal chemical industry catalysts, Nanjing Company is a state-owned stock enterprises.

Nanjing Company has 4 sets of key production devices.

Its main products include SMTO methanol-to-olefin catalyst,S Zorb desulfurizing adsorbents,5A sphere adsorbents, Aromatic adsorbent (including PX and MX).

Address: Y06-4-1, Development Land, Chemical Industry Park, Nanjing

Postcode: 211512

Tel.: 025-58375880

Fax: 025-58375880​