Established in January 2001, Shanghai Leader Catalyst Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Leader Company”) has passed the certification of management systems including GB/T 19001, GB/T 24001, GB/T 28001 and Q/SHS0001.1. It has achieved rapid development by combination of “production, study and research”, and has been awarded more than 30 prizes of national, provincial and ministry levels for its scientific research and development projects.

Leader Company has 6 polyethylene catalyst production lines and 2 auxiliary production lines as well as related preparation and evaluation devices. With polyethylene catalyst as main product, its products can be applied in a variety of processes, including SINOPEC’s GPE, Unipol, Innovene, Borstar and Phillips. The catalysts can produce the full-density polyethylene products with narrow molecular weight distribution, medium molecular weight distribution and wide molecular weight distribution.

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