Established in 1970, SCC Changling Division (hereinafter referred to as “Changling Division”) has passed the certification of management systems including GB/T 19001, GB/T 24001, GB/T 28001 and Q/SHS0001.1, and it was awarded the title of “Complaint-free Quality Enterprise in China”. In June 26, 2004, Changling Division established the first National Post-doctoral Scientific Research Workstation in the oil refining catalyst industry in China. It has nearly 40 products being granted the technology progress award and scientific & technological invention award at national, provincial and ministry levels.

Changling Division has 13 sets of key production devices.

Its main products include: FCC catalyst series, hydrotreating, hydrofining and hydrocracking series, medium- and low-pressure semi-regenerative catalytic reforming catalysts of CB series, aromatic hydrocarbon adsorbents, chemical and oil refining additive series.

Address: Yunxi District, Yueyang City, Hunan Province

Postcode: 414012

Tel.: 0730-8451643 0730-8452298

Fax: 0730-8451643