Address from the President

You are sincerely welcome to visit the website of Sinopec Catalyst Co., Ltd. (SCC).

SCC is a professional company of SINOPEC which is among the world's top 500 enterprises. We have devoted ourselves to magnify the catalyst technology, production, marketing and technical services of oil refining and petrochemical catalyst. We have made the best use of technical results of the research institutes under Sinopec and turned them into fine products through our suitable processes and administration. We have made these popular products in the market with our first-class services so as to add value to our customers, make fortune to the society, and create cooperation opportunities for the potential partners.

We are adhering to the corporate mission of “Serving the World with Tiny Particles”. We have been pursuing the marketing conception of " First Grade Quality, First Rate Service " and we keep the corporate spirit of " Innovation Forever, Vitality Everlasting ". "Every catalyst pellet is a promise and an image" has been regarded as our social responsibility. "Harmony, vitality, happiness, friendship, humanism" have been considered as basic factors of our corporate culture. We are devoted to build a world class catalyst company with the characteristics of technology based and service oriented as well as advanced green manufacturing.

We firmly believe that to some extent product quality is just like moral quality, the business world is like a battle field. We have known well that we have to behave ourselves and build moral character before doing business. We think that the market share can only be improved when the customers' heart is on our side. We have understood that putting the customer's demands in our minds is the only way for our products to be retained in the market.

We are looking forward to joining hands with you for a more prosperous future.